Welcome to Experian

Experian is a global company with 16500 people from across 39 countries.

Our reach is growing fast and we’re investing more and more in Central and Eastern Europe.

We’re already successfully serving customers in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland and Romania.

Web Data Insights

Advances in technology and software are enabling organizations to adopt more powerful and advanced analytical approaches to help drive growth, efficiency, competitiveness and manage risk.

Experian Central and Eastern Europe

Experian  combines analytical expertise and sophisticated software to deliver a truly holistic solution to the markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Digital On Boarding

New Customer behaviors are driving innovation in business and challenging the existing operating model. Digitalization has given rise to the customer era.

Webinar Academy

Keep up with the hot topics, latest trends, and best practice in compliance and regulation; data and analytics; customer management; collections; fraud prevention; risk management, and more in our series of webcasts.

Experian CyberAgent

More than one million people around the world become victims of identity theft every day. The resulting impact of financial losses and emotional consequences can be devastating and long lasting.

Experian Decision Analytics

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