About Us

Experian in Central and Eastern Europe

Experian is a global company with 16500 people from across 39 countries.

Our reach is growing fast and we’re investing more and more in Central and Eastern Europe.

We’re already successfully serving customers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Romania.

We live in a world built on data – it’s everywhere, growing in power and influence.

At Experian we have always believed that data has the potential to transform lives and create a better tomorrow.

To do this data needs to be understood, interpreted and the knowledge it holds acted on.

We work to do just this - unlock the possibilities that data holds to help people and organisations realise the opportunities held within.

The role we play and what we do

The sheer amount of data and information available today might seem overwhelming. But we’re transforming this wealth of data into something meaningful. We’re gathering, analysing, combining and processing data to help you to better understand and meet the needs of your customers.

Our business activities

We’ve built our business on the simple premise that commercial success is about helping you get closer to your customers. The more an organisation understands its customers, the more able it is to pro-actively respond to their very individual needs and circumstances.

Our expertise lies in the skills we’ve developed in looking at information in new ways and applying it to every aspect of the customer relationship.

By operating in multiple countries and organising ourselves centrally, we're continually supporting and serving our regional and global clients, sharing best practice, technology and innovation.

We take the lessons from helping consumers and clients in one market and disseminate those into other markets, helping them solve similar problems quickly and effectively.

You can rely on our data and analytics to help expand into new markets and reach new customers.

Megapark Office Building
115 Tzarigradsko Shose Boulevard
Sofia 1784

Strozzigasse 10/13
1080 Vienna

65 Ag. Alexandrod Street
17561 Paleo Pairo

Metropolitan Complex
Plac  Pilsudskiego 3
00-078 Warsaw