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Turn customer and market data into actionable insight to help shape your future business strategy

We all have access to ever increasing amounts of data, but it can only help you meet your business objectives if you can turn it into meaningful insight. Our analytics experts can help you to extract, interpret, segment, benchmark and model your data to create scorecards, propensity models, customer profiles and much more. Helping you to improve the performance of both your marketing and credit risk strategies by making more informed decisions for your customers and your business.

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Risk Analytics

Turn information into insight and insight into action, helping you make the right decisions for customers across the customer lifecycle.

Outsourced Analytics

Help to relieve your analytic resource pressures so that you can focus on more pressing priorities.


Determine the optimal decision, offer, action, price or message for each of your customers.

Our capabilities

We’re able to power opportunities for businesses thanks to our market-leading integrated capabilities.

Intelligent decisions

Make fast, effective decisions based on new and existing customers through our powerful combination of data, analytics and technology – right across the lifecycle, from onboarding to collections.

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Advanced Analytics

Create unique insight that you can act on in real-time, using our dynamic analytics services and the best of yours and our data assets.

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Precison marketing

Reach the right customers through the right channels at the right moment to drive better return on your marketing investment.

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