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We love what we do and one of our favorite parts is being able to share the nuggets of insight we gather, our expert knowledge and opinions on the latest trends so we can help professionals and businesses grow. In our ‘Latest Thinking’ pages you’ll find blogs about the latest innovations in data technology, whitepapers on advancements in identity verification to name but a few.

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Decisions & Credit Risk

Artificial Intelligence and Growth

How Artificial Intelligence can help maximise value and drive your growth

Identity & Fraud

Global Fraud and Identity Report 2018

What 6000 consumers and businesses worldwide think about today’s security protocols and to gauge their level of confidence in consumer identification.

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Frictionless fraud prevention

The need for speed and ease August

Data Breaches: 2018 Outlook

The level of data breaches during 2017 was unprecedented. What´s to be expected in the future? What role will technology and regulation play?

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Data & Innovation:

Hot Topics

Forrester Report

Data insights-driven organizations will be the winners in the digital economy.

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