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More than one million people around the world become victims of identity theft every day. The resulting impact of financial losses and emotional consequences can be devastating and long lasting. As a digitally-advanced region, Europe experiences disproportionately elevated attack levels compared to many parts of the world. In fact, since 2015 European cybercrime has risen by 66 per cent.

Experian's CyberAgent has been specifically developed to tackle the growing threat of identity theft. It is a proprietary internet surveillance technology that proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data online. CyberAgent is the only identity monitoring solution developed for international proactive cyber detection.

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White Paper - Data Breaches: 2018 Outlook

The level of data breaches during 2017 was unprecedented – and now it´s not a case of if organisations will be hit by a data breach but when.

In this White Paper, learn about the impact of the tremendous growth of data breaches and how to safeguard your customers and protect your business.

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Experians CyberAgent tool can be configured to monitor a wide range of PII, including:

Social Security number

Email address

Telephone number

Medical ID number

Credit card number

Bank account number

Driver's license number

Passport number

Social Security number

Retail member number

Why do you need Experian's CyberAgent?

Compromised personal data leads to a number of negative consumer and business implications

Consumer Implications

Loss of money, credit cards

Time and stress with multiple password changes

Loss of confidence with businesses

How CyberAgent protects your customers:
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Prevents financial loss and its emotional impact
  • Protects against fraudulent criminal activity
  • Protects against negative impacts on credit ratings
  • Provides peace of mind that personal data is safe
  • Enables rapid reaction if personal information is compromised
Business Implications

Damaged brand reputation

Continual high cost of fraud

Loss of customers

How CyberAgent protects your business:
  • Protects customers and employees from identity theft
  • Enhances brand reputation
  • Reduces fraud losses
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Little or no implementation costs

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