Develop a strategic response to fraud

Today’s tough economic climate is driving a surge in first party fraud for many organisations, whilst identify theft, the sophistication of fraudsters and cybercrime are also all on the increase. To make matters worse, preventing fraud is becoming more complex, with the challenges of multi-channel customer engagement, increased regulations and cross-border activity.

Organisations are faced with new challenges:

  • Acquiring genuine customers and ensuring an optimal customer experience
  • Protecting customers and enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Meeting the growing demand for digital payments

This increased complexity is creating unacceptable losses, escalating costs and unhappy customers that together are impacting all areas of the business. To meet these challenges, organisations need a strategic response to tackle fraud throughout the business. And they need it now.

Introducing Experian’s fraud expertise:

Experian’s fraud experts recommend a continuous cycle of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and improvement, so you can balance risk and revenue while enhancing the customer experience and delivering maximum return on investment.

Experian’s fraud consultants work with organisations to develop a strategic response to fraud, helping to:

  • Define a strong fraud risk strategy
  • Identify and prevent fraud
  • Review and improve existing fraud strategies to keep up with current and emerging threats.

Adopting a strategic response to fraud means you can:

  • Keep ahead of evolving fraud practices
  • Balance risk, revenue and customer experience
  • Deliver maximum return on investment
  • Maximise customer acquisition and fraud detection rates
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimise fraud losses and false positive referrals


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